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Open Position – A Golden Opportunity

Years ago, I was sitting in a committee meeting bored out of my mind. It is the Product Standardization Committee...

Poll: Federal Minimum Wage

There is a lot of discussion on the federal minimum wage of $7.25. It has not been changed since 2009....

HR as Influencer

Anyone who reads my posts knows that my passion is developing high-performance HR departments to support high-performance organizations. (more…)

Meetings – Revealing Your Real Culture

I think I could walk into any healthcare facility and after sitting through one administrative meeting, accurately describe (more…)

Best Practice Recognition Strategies

We all know that recognition is important and cost effective, but it is easy (more…)

High Performance HR Departments-Being More

Human Resources can be more than the sum of our primary functions (recruitment, benefits, compensation, employee relations, legal compliance, etc.). This can be accomplished by redefining HR to include being “the experts in the utilization and management of human resources”. The majority of posts will focus on how high performance HR departments can get a seat at the table and earn the respect they have so long sought. High performance HR departments are major players in “low cost, high quality” organizations by being able to help drive BOTH factors.

What do we mean by high performance? An overview can found on the page coincidentally titled “High Performance HR“.

In my opinion, this is why HR exists and has value as a profession–that there is a body of knowledge that can drive increased profitability in a manner that is win-win for the organization and the employee. If we can’t deliver bottom-line results in a superior manner, then why are we here? Why do we think we know more than all those line managers, and even the C Suite?