HR for Healthcare – Going for High Performance

Is Human Resources defined by its primary functions (recruitment, benefits, compensation, employee relations, legal compliance, etc.) or can it be more?

What would happen if we redefined HR to include being “the experts in the utilization and management of human resources”? Those two words can get HR involved in every aspect of how the employee is used and managed. Isn’t that where HR should be?

Mostly, we will focus on how high performance can help your HR department get a seat at the table and earn the respect it should have.

High performance HR departments are major players in “low cost, high quality” organizations by being able to help drive BOTH factors. That’s, right – HR as critical in driving cost reduction as well as quality, and satisfaction.

What do we mean by high performance? An overview can found on the page coincidentally titled “High Performance HR“.

In my opinion, HR has value as a profession because it possesses a body of knowledge that can help drive profitability in a manner that is win-win for the organization and the employee.

If you think quality, satisfaction and profitability are mutually exclusive then this isn’t the website for you–unless you let me change your mind. If you always wanted an HR department that was more involved in delivering all three to the organization, then read on!

PS – We cover a lot of other HR topics as well!

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