Sammy’s Bio

Sammy is a rescue border collie, German shepherd mix. He is 7 years old and probably is now the happiest dog one could ever meet. It didn’t start that way.

He became part of the family when he was two when a rescue organization was seeking a foster home while he went through treatment for heartworm.

They became involved when he chewed through a rope that had been tied to the chain around his neck and escaped to a neighbor’s yard. The chain had been put tightly around his neck when he was very young and was never loosened. Consequently, it became embedded as his skin grew around the links.

By the time NMDogs arrived, Sammy had collapsed. He weighed 49 lbs. and was infested with heartworm, fleas etc. The vet estimated that he was hours from death. 

The chain had to be surgically removed from his neck .

For a long time, Sammy was the poster boy for “no chains”. He was featured on television, and his photo is still on brochures advising against the use of chains.

Sammy now has a great life and always has a smile. A friend calls him “the perpetual puppy”.

Regardless of recently passing 8 years of age, he always wants to play! He loves television, especially westerns and commercials with animals or animation! His life is full so he has to be forced to sit down and provide input into this site. The tone of his comments reflects his feelings toward this non-fun task.

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