The Right Priorities

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Welcome to my page where we can talk about the really important stuff! Yeah, Steve knows about HR and healthcare and how to make HR a player. I don’t have a problem with his knowledge, but is that stuff really a priority?

Think about this for a moment….

Someday we will all be on our deathbed. When you are there are you likely to say, “I wish I had learned more about HR”. “I should have gone after a high performance HR department”. “My biggest regret in life is that I didn’t understand productivity”? Is that really what your concern will be?

I think not!

Here is the more likely scenario regarding your thoughts as you lay there and ponder your life: “I wish I had given my dog more treats when he asked for them”. “I wish I had gone on longer walks with my dog”. ” I really regret that I didn’t play more with my dog”.

Just saying….

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